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This sculptured pendant emulates the rugged cliffsides of the Welsh coastline.  The circular pendant (approximately the size of a 10 pence coin.)  Is encased in a solid sterling silver band of 3 mm square wire.  Texured sheet silver has been used to depict the cliffside and a small chunky 9ct gold heart is suspended at the top, symbolising the setting sun.

New Horizons Collection - Clifftop

  • In order to keep our product a truly one off, unique piece of jewelley, each pendant differes slighty from the next.  There may be variations in the texture of the sheet silver in this product.  These differentiations are subtle, and will not effect the overall appearance of the design.

  • At Forever gold we try to produce accurate images of all our products.  However, please be aware that the colour of an item may vary from screen to screen.

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