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Custom Designs

At Forever Gold, we take great pleasure in creating bespoke pieces of jewellery that tell your story.

Whether it involves melting down a piece of sentimental gold and transforming it into something modern, or designing and creating something new, we are able to work closely with our clients, throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure total customer satisfaction.

We are often commissioned to create special pieces of jewellery.  This process is very personalised.  Sometimes involving our drawings, other times using the customer's own designs. 

Whatever we create, we aim to keep our customers updated throughout the design and manufacturing process, working closely with our clients, sending photos of both original designs, and completed pieces of jewellery before hallmarking.

We feel privileged to design and manufacture unique, keepsake and memorial jewellery, that will immortalise special moments in time for you or your loved ones. 

So why not contact us and we can discuss design ideas...
Let the creativity evolve!

Handcrafted, remodelled 9ct gold, commissioned, textured, unisex ring
Handcrafted, sterling , textured silver cuff
9ct gold and sapphire memorial ring
Commissioned, bespoke, handcrafted, sterling silver pendant
Sterling silver, handmade earrings with labradorite gemstone
Handmade, textured, 925 sterling silver and diamond jewellery
Remodelling jewellery commission

An example of a recycled heirloom commission.

We loved transforming these sentimental earrings into a completely different piece of jewellery that can be worn...

with Passion & Pride!

The customer was very satisfied too!

Jewellery manufacture, meltdown and remodelling
Labradorite cabochon
commissioned handcrafted jewellery process
Remodelled jewellery created from earrings
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