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Pendants and Necklaces

Fancy Necklace
Heart Pendant

Listed below are a selection of our hand-crafted and commercial pendants and necklaces.

Each pendant or necklace from our handcrafted range is designed and manufactured in our small workshop in South Wales, using ethically sourced materials, and traditional gold and silversmithing techniques used for generations.

When creating an item of jewellery, we originally complete a prototype based on our original pencil and paper design,  then we watch the jewellery evolve!

Often, we will only manufacture a maximum of three pieces per design, ensuring that each piece of jewellery is unique and will differ slightly from the next, ensuring that the jewellery you wear from Cherie Amour Designs will never be worn by anyone else... Truly bespoke! 

We love creating our jewellery, and hope you enjoy wearing it, as it was created...

With Passion and Pride!